Sublimation Short Lanyard

  • This Sublimation Short Lanyard is a very popular accessory for fashion-conscious men and women.
  • It can be personalized with your own design to spice up your essentials and clothing accessories, and show your style and personality at any time.
  • The lanyard is made of premium polyester material, soft and sturdy.
  • It features a wide white strap and a black metal buckle at the bottom.
  • The durable clasp easily holds your key chain, badge holder or electronic items such as mobile phone and camera.
  • This light and reliable lanyard will help protect your items from dropping on the ground and prevent accidental loss.
  • You can also attach the lanyard to the zipper pull of your purse, tote or backpack as a unique decorative zipper band to add some personality and fashion touch to your bag.
  • This personalized short lanyard comes in two styles and will go well with any outfit.